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Product Description

Suggest reservations of various types by product

  • Families of products enable you to manage reservation settings by Product Category
  • You can create specific time slots for each of your products
  • For each product family: the beginning, the duration of the booking window, the minimum and maximum length, and price calculation are customizable
  • You can set dates for availability or unavailability of your product family

Advanced product occupancy modes

  • Mutual: Each quantity of product can support multiple reservations
  • Shared: the selected products share the occupancy over the same period
  • Exclusive: The first reservation selects the product available for the period
  • Waiting list: Reservations are only validated if a quantity is reached before a given deadline

Manage your inventory of products simply

  • You can set the amount of products you have or specifically list each of your products with their serial numbers
  • A serial number can be assigned to a reservation at any time, this is taken into account in the calculation of availability
  • The booking history of each of your items stock is available, it is also possible to add a comment
  • The module can generate PDF for printing barcode labels and facilitate your inputs / outputs of stock

Manual reservation creation

  • Quickly create reservations for products without creating an order or customer account
  • Edit a complete order from the back office by creating a cart of bookings
  • Adjust the booking rate directly during creation

Enhanced synchronization capabilities

  • A tool allows you to export or import all the module data
  • Automatic synchronisation of reservations, availabilities and price with Expedia,, HomeAway, Trivago and more.
  • It is possible to synchronize other Prestashop stores with myOwnReservations
  • Module offers a webservice to add and get reservations

Additional Information

Support & Updates

12 months

Prestashop Compatibility

1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8


English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


Yes (4 classes)

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v5-2-1 (May 1, 2023)

Corrected json_encode deprecated and and override update
Compatibility with PS 8.1

v5-2 (September 1, 2022)

Corrected Availabilities for product was taken into account on global widget
Added Discount field and specific prices while creating reservation on backend
Corrected Manually add discount add on order from backend
Corrected product qty <0 was allowing unlimited resas Corrected deposit calc when adding resa to order
Compatibility with PS 1.8

V5-1-2 (June 1, 2022)

Corrected Advance / Rest display on invoice
Corrected Deleting reservation donnot delete product
Corrected Products of a resv rules filtered depending on current shop on resa creation
Added Planning filter by product
Added Quotation Product Occupation Option
Added Option to Restricted Reservation to logged customers
Added Option for length price rules day condition
Added Option for discount by guest type
Added Display of Deposit mention in invoice even if not invoiced
Added Availability Legend and color
Added Reservation color by product family and shop on admin planning
Added Discount by attendee type
Added Can assign a price from a specific customer group (even if cust not in group)
Added Option to take product price unit for reservation price calculation
Added Week Period Option
Added Guest Fee recalculated at reschedule

V5-1-1 (April 25, 2022)

– Enhanced Hide disabled categories
Added responsive reservation list in customer account

V5-1-0 (April 20, 2022)

V5-0-0 (December 10, 2022)

– Enhanced Pack booking management
– Enhanced Time cut for parallel slots enhanced for week number restriction
– Enhanced Drag & drop reschedule
Added Exclusive resources const option
Added On PRO version Gift Cart to book without order
Added Time slot scheduling with availabilities
Added Price rules qty get attendees type condition
Added Split Order for each distinct period option
Added Reservation rules ‘reservation’ label
Added Reservation rules Option to hide price in planning cell
Added option to group Icalendar Objects for same period
Added Receipt display from customer account (order confirmation with only bookings and their QR codes)
Added Grouped actions on admin order
Added Print option for resa details
Added Length depending on availabilities
Added Front Booking outside order process
Added Reservation Start depend on carrier (ask carrier select before booking)
Corrected product image on modal is not displaying
Corrected Prices rules colors codes not displayed in popup
Corrected Quote Save & display problem on PS 1.7
Corrected Qty down with same period pption problem
Corrected Price rules percent decimals save
Corrected Availability quantity by timeslot
Corrected Order Conf Attributes merged
Corrected Bug in pack base qty recaclculation
Corrected Bug in admin availabilities for pack
Corrected price rule type details not displayed

v4-2-4 (September 10, 2020)

Corrected Language problem at checkout end with PS 1.7.7
Added option to allow customer to pay order totally instead of an advance
Added option to allow merchant reschedule with marketplace
Added Filter bookings on planning depending on order status
Added Export of attendees data
Corrected Adding attendees from product page after a cart qty update
Corrected check of products left after all pack inclusion
Corrected rescheduling only the first item of a reservation
Corrected Unavailability on night mode adding on day more of holiday
Corrected Check of minimum length by product ignored when out of planning.
Corrected quantity from attribute when adding to cart..
Corrected Pack quantity checked for each items to check a pack availability

v4-2-3 (August 1, 2019)

– Warning on debug mode with PS 1.7 admincontrollers
Corrected min length used to extend first time slice removed if allow res on holidays
Corrected getShiftTimeSlot using start time slots, and count month shift between ts count or datediff
Corrected Price excluding holidays not applied when in cart.
Corrected Product gifted was taken into reduction amount instead of freeing products
Improved allowing unavailabilities over availabilities.
Improved from 1.7.4 calculation is made from database data so even if module update cart prices on 1.7 we have to ignore them, to take equivalent as price from bdd so the resa suppl is well calculated
Corrected Skip address option show no payment option after login.
Improved smsAlert options and scheduled sms notif reschedule and delete
Added Option to ignore advance for customer groups
Corrected Paypal express checkout compatibility
Added Log Admin actions
Corrected delay between resas shift ignored for holidays check
Corrected refresh invoice option on reschedule even with no price change
Corrected length selection with time slices
Corrected products filtered qty display with widget on PS 1.7
Corrected product qty displayed for product booked with pack
Improved Availabilities edition with extensions

v4-2-0 (May 15, 2018)

Corrected carrier disabled when reservation dissabled on PRO version.
Corrected Flter minimal planning days depending on place
Corrected day counted twice on multiple period discount
Corrected stay tax not checked in resv rules, and multiply qty always checked
Corrected mutiple refresh on product qty change
Corrected Google Calendar not updated for external reservations
Corrected Upgrade quantity of products with variable occupation
Corrected Guest ignore qty option ignored on planning
Corrected discount that apply on whole order with advance on PS 1.7
Corrected Manual reservation creation wasn’t saving cart on right shop
Corrected Cart context is reset on validate order because of some payment modules
Corrected Round problem that can show advance/deposit when not set.
Corrected Custom pagination ignored
Corrected marketplace assignation can’t update seller
Corrected Enable/ Disable on PS 1.7
Corrected quickview add to cart button when resa in session
Added Deeper integration with admin menus.
Added timeslots/object relation added to reservation admin
Added admin dashboard for checkin/out
Added Minimum Order amount for deposit application
Added Automatic stock assignation
Added Same period product restriciton (in this case reservation period is displayed from orders list)
Added option on marketplace to disable time slots or availabilities edition from customer account
Added taking holidays in price rules length count
Added Day view with 16 stock items column or less
Added Drag & Drop on reservation for stock item assignation
Added On Order creation option to send payment link for customer
Improved Admin mobile use

v4-1-1 (December 1, 2017)

Corrected Stock view bulk actions was hidden
Corrected Conflict with length selection and new option to allow resa outside timeslots
Corrected Price rule amount field hidden
Added Extension activation/deactivation
Added Time slice generation
Added Fixed length front display enhanced
Added Define to set a or/and on recurring conditions
Added Week condition to recurring price rule
Added Option to apply price rule on one product only
Improved Options/occupation of extensions
Corrected Time slices availability bug on ressources time slots when length not fixed
Corrected Order status change bug when product image is missing

v4-1-0 (November 4, 2017)

Corrected Save and not stay don’t save attendees details
Corrected List view default selection
Corrected Advance x2 on checque payment confirmation
Corrected Total invoice now showsorder total and one more line display the advance amount
Corrected widgetTop init don’t remove end sel for unique sel at init
Corrected MultiShop check on widgetTop
Corrected Delete only one reservation of cart was deleting all resa products
Corrected Module doesn’t appear in prodcuts admin if disabled on the shop
Corrected product by length save bug
Corrected pack with multiple qty and pack with element in another pack
Corrected Set custom reservation price from order creation
Corrected Removed length verification on unlimited length
Added Comment field and select field changed into text if no values
Added Option to display price rules legend
Added Reservation details (attendees) edition
Added 2 columns in grid view reservation amount and ref
Added Grouped view of reservations by product
Added Reservation items extraction or deletion on PRO version
Added Reservation assignation
Added You can reinit user password at creation from admin
Added Extensions details in resa confirmation email
Added Option to count combination price once when resa price depends on length
Added Day view if object filter is used
Added Min hours and max hours week view display changed of family filter used
Added Reservation re/schedule date picker start and end auto populate for start < end Added Extension place to price rules and timeslots
Added Extension place edition on reservations admin
Added Product page layout options with a mini and popup calendar
Added Product Prices sets legend
Added Availability edition from reservation window
Added View of whole family availabilities on planning view if family filter used
Added Prices by rates added
Added History price rule
Added Timeslots with week restrictions
Added Option to group time slots by day instead of doing it when more than 3
Added Option to allow selection time slot end after current day
– Enhanced Clearer Reservation rules config

v4-0-4 (March 15, 2017)

Corrected Availabilities display when creating reservation
Corrected Night selection
Corrected Problem when saving reservation rules on std version
Corrected Checkout steps modification options ignored
Corrected Length disabled slot or holidays option not saved in std version
Compatibility with PS 1.7
– Warning .tpl .js .css file reorganization
Improved Reservation confirmation sent by email with objects at reservation validation
Improved Reservation admin popup style
Added Checkout menu in order details to quickly reschedule reservations or split them
Added Order creation with reservation add for PRO version
Added Tab translations.
Added Column compatibility and rewritten name of my account reservation page
Added Availability edition
Added widget home manage availabilities on specific products
Added Automatic /cache/class_index delete
Added WebServices for Reservations
Added Display price rules legend under planning
Added Display reduced price also for reservations
Added Quantity price rule
Added Option to keep the price rule with best rate.
Added Option to disable advance on physical store
Corrected taking quantity into account for specific product price
Corrected removed reservations head on order conf if no resas
Corrected Week availabilities not applied on availability start week
Corrected Start planning view hide period that can’t have a end.
Corrected Search widget using datepicket and not our calendar
Corrected Duplication of reservation lines for combination
Corrected Price by week count null for first day when selection by day
Corrected Discount repartition on advance and balance

v3-5-1 (July 15, 2016)

Corrected stock order and family filter
Corrected extenal reservation created with bad attribute when a product has no attribute
Corrected order_name empty in msg
Corrected Wrong cart details with price rules on ajax refresh
Added Removed out of stock email
– Enhanced floating planning header is only for more than 3 timeslots sel
Added Disabled products and categories from other families on product selection
Added Reservation rules filter when shop is selected
– Enhanced removed warning when url is distinct than shop url

v3-5-0 (July 15, 2016)

Corrected filter empty months due to unavailabilities
Added starter tutorial
Corrected length calculated with on day more
Corrected case when start time is later that end time for night purpose
Added minoring pack qties with min prod qty inside pack
Corrected also checking pack avaialability with pack items resas
Added Linked product are added under added to cart popup

v3-4-3 (May 10, 2016)

Corrected Price display option
Corrected Price rules multiple product without family
Added times cut option
Corrected widget colum selection display when end on next page
Added Can directly add to cart linked products
Added Customized error message when reservation can’t be added to cart
– Check bounds are not in holidays if resa allow to run on it
– Availabilities created from product page are affected to right familly
– taking new pack option into account to check each pack items

v3-4-2 (April 6, 2016)

Corrected Mutiple products in price rule
Corrected home widget keeping old start sel
Corrected stay on same calendar page on qty or attribute change
– Display reservation button when order edition disabled
– Enhanced month view

v3-4-1 (April 6, 2016)

Added Option to display product per availability instead of reverse
Corrected including disabled days in table rate bu length
Corrected Customisation qty on order-details from cust
Corrected Order update when changing resa line
Corrected Invoice not updated due to invoice id shift
Corrected Adding product to origninal cart when adding new resa to existing order

v3-4-0 (January 6, 2016)

Added Can reschedule cart
Added Multishop restriction on reservation rules
Corrected trad labels js error
Corrected count days instead of length with 00:00
– Enhanced help perf

v3-3-2 (January 6, 2016)

– Reduction display
Corrected problem when saving start/end selection on old family
Corrected problem with availability count on some cases
– Enhanced reseting widget selection on product plannign if unavailable

v3-3-1 (November 10, 2015)

Added new responsive widget on home page
Added Widget can select start and length
Added Widget can be hidden in categories without rental products
Added Option to exceed reservation window with resa length
Added define to get next available day for frequency restrict
Added Deposit calc per product qty
– Enhanced checkout table elements
– Enhanced Option for selection mode start/end, start/length, multiple, unique
– Enhanced Constraint display between seletion mode and length option and length and price set option
– Enhanced performance when ignoring disabled days or holidays
– Enhanced removed PS 1.5 compatibility mode display
– Enhanced Filter first day even with a lot of time slots
– Enhanced Administration optimisation module data is not loaded anymore
Corrected order refresh after reservation modification
Corrected month occupation

v3-3-0 (August 1, 2015)

Corrected Hide time unit when reservation price without length
– Categories used in other reservaton rules are diabled
– Enhanced integrated help
Added New optionnal length, to select start or stop or both, with customized labels

v3-2-2 (August 1, 2015)

Corrected reservation unit display on grid/list change

v3-2-1 (July 1, 2015)

Corrected Compatibility with myCollectionPlaces
Added Ignore Advance on maintenance IP

v3-2 (June 15, 2015)

Corrected Resa Popup Buttins icon
Improved Back planning design
Corrected Bad Optimisation in month view
Corrected Product attribute lost in resa creation
Corrected Show availabilities qty on home widget

v3-1-3 (May 15, 2015)

Corrected Deletion of stock items
Corrected Barcode print with new pdf library
Corrected Link on home widget availabilities

v3-1-2 (March 1, 2015)

Corrected Reservation in cart not taken into account when checking product list
Corrected Fixed advance amount not taken into acount by bloccart module
Corrected Min Price display whan price rules on products only (not category)
Added Translation for deposit

v3-1-1 (January 26, 2015)

Added getProductTaxesBreakdown overrides change for ps
Added Multiple email separated by a ; for prod familly notification
Added New option for displaying price
Added Discount displayed with discount label style on cart
Corrected Reservation start the same day for day selection

v3-1-0 (January 4, 2015)

Added Reservation quantity option
Added Ignore step exlusively for reservations option

v3-0-9 (October 23, 2014)

Added Overides backup
Corrected reservation between shift bug
Corrected 404 error with home widget
Corrected wraping fee with paypal

v3-0-8 (October 23, 2014)

Corrected Variable product to taken into account
Corrected week management when end day of week less than start

v3-0-7 (August 12, 2014)

– Changed reduction that apply on all reservation will be caclulated after other prices rules
Corrected week display shift on month
Corrected multiple availability problem

v3-0-6 (June 13, 2014)

Corrected Currency display probem in order details
Corrected 0% advance malfunction
Corrected Planning day selector not working
Corrected availabilities delete button
Corrected Can’t hide column widget
Added PS1.6 list button

v3-0-5 (June 6, 2014)

Corrected Some settings problems
– Availability on 2 days when reservation without length
Corrected product qty check before add to cart disabled
Corrected hover removed on home widget

v3-0-4 (June 6, 2014)

Corrected Admin popup creation error
Corrected some admin translations
Corrected warning on ress and icalendar notification

v3-0-3 (May 10, 2014)

Corrected Allow manual order creation on reserved products
– Simplified widget options
Compatibility with Prestashop 1.6

v3-0-2 (April 10, 2014)

Corrected Advance deposit save in std version
Corrected javascript: replaced by onclick
Corrected Duplicate line for product in order details
Corrected New cart problem when login with a extisting cart
Corrected Taxes calculation on invoice
Improved No more execute permissions needed on ajax.php
Corrected checkbox not saved and hide step 2 trouble
Corrected product order not following config
Corrected Unlimioted resa length problem

v3-0-1 (April 2, 2014)

Corrected Price calculation with new price options
Corrected Home widget display
Corrected Period selector in calendar not saving resa start
Corrected Date in other languages not formated correctly
Added Price Sets per day of year
Corrected Planning doesn’t filter reservation that is impossible (after another resa)

v3-0-0 (March 10, 2014)

– Evolution of bookings rules in 4 steps (information , planning, payment, notification) and product selection
– Introduction Product type : real , virtual, variable, mutual and shared
– New notifications : email, iCalendar , RSS, SMS reminder on the end of the command
– New duration rules and time unit dissociation for calculating the rate
– New calculation methods for the deposit and the beginning of the schedule
– New templates optimized level of ergonomics and performance but also easily modifiable
– Rules price with customizable and applicable style has a selection of produce
– function and style of widgets are now unified, adding the search mode
– Display Option for the wording of the reservation and schedule boxes
– Reorganization of configuration objects floating menu and new options
– rewritten booking engine to manage the occupationfaster
– Preparation module extensions for the types of selection and notifications
– Better integration of the help and warning messages on the configuration
Pro Version
– New view to better manage the stock of products even without a serial number
– Now possible to apply a price rule to a complete product family
– Reservation status, advance and deposit are now managed by family
– New product type: shared and mutual

v2-2-5 (January 10, 2014)

Corrected Specific price were not taken into account in some cases
– Warning on email send
Corrected bad week price for week number <10 Corrected search on home category displaying none active products
Added style on period selected display
– Prevent enter key pressed on product page
Corrected default product order on category
– Start date wasn’t same for widget

v2-2-4 (October 10, 2013)

Corrected Problem on dates view when min & max length = 1
Corrected Availabilities were ignored on widget period selection
Corrected Resa price display on unique selection

v2-2-3 (September 3, 2013)

Corrected Product was not available for resa when order out of stock allowed
Corrected multiple selection change quantity reset
Corrected pagination in categories
Corrected currency convert for deposit, price sets and rules
Added Related products “add to cart” buttons are removend if product are in rent.
Corrected Saving pricesets at each product admin details save

v2-2-2 (July 8, 2013)

Corrected Search widget calendar style on PS1.4
Corrected Category wasn’t displaying products non reservable
Added New fields customer name, carrier, advance amout and type for external orders
Improved stock management with new details and filters, and table print.
Improved performances for a huge list of timeslots
Improved Availbility period selection in product tab

v2-2-1 (June 29, 2012)

Corrected Can now select awaiting paiement statuses
Corrected Reservations display on carts details on admin
Added planning reload every minute

v2-2-0 (June 24, 2012)

Added price list management from product administration
Added display or remaining palces on planning
Added multiple selection on planning and saving current period displayed
Added Renew order compatibility (reservations not avaialbable anymore are not renewed)
Added Price rule for unit price
Added New deposit calculation modes (and an option to invoice it or not)
Added Search widget for all reservable products
Added Resevation edition popup form planning and order detail
Added Multiple admin users selection on a product familly
Corrected multi shop management for same product id
Corrected week planning with same day of week as start and end
Improved Advance/Balance display on order detail and checkout
Improved Front planning start at first available date
Improved Front planning save current period displayed
Improved Ajax admin planning with a grid view instead of day view
Improved Drag and drop reservation reschedule or create on admin

v2-1-7 (May 2, 2012)

Corrected recurring price rule wasn’t working

v2-1-5 (April 15, 2012)

Corrected week count with same days
Corrected timeslot configuration

v2-1-4 (March 20, 2012)

Added Availabilities management from product administration
Compatibility with Product override and PS1.5.3.1
Corrected Default timeslot is used when no time slots on admin
Corrected Cart summary details table display and calculation
Corrected Refresh on combination change with combo box
Corrected Stock compensation on id order state greater than 9
– Modified Exclude last timeslot/day option only for price
Added Stock management with option ingore stock attribute

v2-1-0 (March 5, 2012)

Added multiple store management
Added quick enable/disable for price rules and timeslots
Added Minimal planning type with only 2 combo box
Added portugese and corean translations
Added Could add more than one validation status
Added Could change quantity of reservations on cart summary
Added Back-end cart displays reservations
Added Could change or hide price unit
Improved Day planning type now display inline timeslots
Improved Clearer config
Improved Cart summary display a line by reservation
Improved Product list can hide unavailable reservations
Corrected planning calculation different in product or colum
Corrected stock management with PS1.5 when canceling an order

v2-0-7 (January 5, 2012)

Corrected Bug with deposit when reservation price was equal to the product price
Improved Caution line forced to display in blockcart when deposit > 0
Corrected bad product listing in module config
Added Cannot add reservation product without dates
Corrected Length price rule reduction calculation

v2-0-5 (December 5, 2012)

Improved Javascript cart add and planning refresh

v2-0-4 (November 25, 2012)

Added Length and session dates management on search and tags
– Correct cart refresh with reservation dates forced for PS1.5
Improved Back-office reservation display
Added Only one date selection with 1 day max length

v2-0-3 (November 15, 2012)

Improved of memory usage and sql requests amount
Improved display of reservation unit
Added Subcategories check
Added German translation

v2-0-2 (November 5, 2012)

Added Availability to add reservation unit to widget prices
Corrected Cannot save price settings
Corrected Bad family mgmt on admin for PRO version
Corrected bad planning week end selection problem introduced in 2.0

v2-0-1 (October 25, 2012)

Corrected ui.calendar javascript calendar included in the header
Corrected Tab missing can be added after the install
Corrected Somme overrides for the 1.4 wasn’t compatible with the 1.5

v2-0-0 (October 23, 2012)

Improved Module architecture has been redesigned
Improved Planning design
Compatibility Prestashop 1.5

v1-5-4 (February 12, 2012)

Improved Performances

v1-3-3 (August 16, 2011)

Added Option to show or hide ‘add to cart’ buttons on widget
Added Fixed reservation advance
Added Add a reservation to cart without the Ajax cart widget
Added Timeslot precision on holiday management
Added Option to hide Reservation price
Added Option to manage product family per product and not per category
Corrected bad display of price rules options in their list on backend
Corrected Week end wasn’t displayed correctly on some cases
Corrected Day occupation per month wasn’t showing percents
Improved Easier availabilities management
Improved Also checking child categories of category selected for reservations
Improved module category from logistic to checkout

v1-3-2 (August 4, 2011)

Corrected Purchase and reservation of same product wasn’t displayed properly
Added a parameter to let a product handle multiple reservation for 1 quantity
Added Csv export from reservations planning
Compatibility with CheckoutFields on Export
Corrected product family filter does not apply on back-end
Corrected bad language for jquery calendar on widget
Corrected qty update fix

v1-3-1 (July 11, 2011)

Corrected bad week end display on front end

v1-3 (June 30, 2011)

Added New prices rules, for fixed and increase price
Added Registration key system
Added New reservation units and views per week and per month
Improved New option for choice of user selection on planning
Improved Replanification of reservation is easier

v1-2 (June 2, 2011)

Corrected planning by month wasn’t going through december
Corrected Allowing reservation without shift between reservations in some cases
Added Cart verification to remove no longer available reservations

v1-1-2 (May 14, 2011)

Corrected CMS page conflict with widget on left side
Corrected Attribute combinaison reservation not taken into account with “ignore stock attribute” option
Corrected Bad widget javascript date treatment in comes cases

v1-1-1 (May 10, 2011)

– Bug with length price rule
Corrected CSS widget doest not apply in some cases
Corrected Reservation unavailable for some days after a reservation
Added Unit price displayed on products display by tags
Compatibility with layered blocks

v1-1-0 (January 15, 2011)

Corrected last time slots of planning wasn’t disabled correctly with min reservation period
Corrected reservation planning was refreshed before removal of reservation in cart
Added compatibility with smarty 2
Added Widget for selecting reservation start and end dates
Added Categories view show product price and availability for reservation selected in widget
Corrected Categories view showing price per day or per time slot
Added Availabilities management by product instead of general holidays
Added A gap between each reservation can be forced
Improved Estimation of price and discounts can be displayed on start date selection
Improved planning time slot selection

v1-0-0 (August 12, 2011)

Initial version

Extras Extension159,00€

The extension allows you to select the attributes and products associated with the reservation.

The selected product attribute can be enhanced with a more comprehensive presentation that includes multiple products. And a second step allows you to add optional products.

Extension Quotation DocuSign249,00€

The extension allows you to generate a DocuSign Quote.

The signature of the quote via DocuSign is not contestable and allows to validate the reservations.

Extension Collect Time119,00€

The extension allows you to request a time slot for the collection of items on reservation.

This makes it possible to optimize the preparation of the products and the waiting of the customers during the Check-In.

Gift Card Extension159,00€

The extension allow to generate a gift card to book a product.

Gift cards can be associated with different products and allow a reservation without going through the ordering process.

Subscription Extension119,00€

The extension allow free booking for customers who subscribed with specific products.

A customer has to purchase a product that is a subscription with a given length. Once the order is paid subscription starts with purchased length (multiple purchases can extend length) and new reservations for products included in the subscription can be added to cart for free.

Google Calendar Extension79,00€

The extension allow synch with a Google Calendar.

You can select the calendar and the event color. for now it’s just uploading event to Google but not downloading it .

Ticket Extension79,00€

The extension sends to customers one ticket or more to print for their reservations.

Ticket displays the product and it’s booking and also a unique reference that allows a quick and reliable checking.

Quotation Extension159,00€

The extension allows customers to create a quotation from their carts

Not only booking but also products from the curent cart. From his account the customer can select the quote to print or order it.

Contract Extension79,00€

The extension for myOwnReservations allows to download a rental contract

The contract is in PDF format with a lot of pre-defined sections but can be easily modified for your needs.

Attendees Extension159,00€

The extension proposes to change the quantity by managing participants of different types

The extension makes it possible to replace the choice of quantity of reservable products by the choice of the number of people by type (eg adult / child). Additional information can be provided for each participant during checkout.

Places Extension159,00€

The extension allows you to reserve products based on geographic locations

The extension provides the module with tailor-made features for reservations of places : Places management with lot of details, location and picture, availabilities. Place selection with associated planning.

Resources Extension159,00€

The extension for myOwnReservations allows reservations to be done through products on resources.

Resource can be associated to the reservation by customer or admin. The planning can mix resources time slots and availabilities.

Hotel Extension159,00€

The extension brings to the module custom features for hotel bookings

Guests management with tourism tax option, period selection on night planning, rental agreement PDF generation.

MarketPlace Extension269,00€

The extension brings marketplace functionalities to the module allowing customers to offer their products for reservation

The extension allows customers to add availability on the products with which they are associated. They can also manage reservations on the same schedule as in administration.

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