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Product Description

Allows the customer to choose a time slot for delivery during carrier choice

  • The time slots are displayed on a planning, by day, by week, by 2 weeks or by month.
  • The customer can navigate in the planning, during the period you defined.
  • The customer sees the availability of slots based on deliveries already programmed and his delivery subarea.
  • The delivery date and time slot chosen by customer are then confirmed by email and visible in order details.

Deliveries subareas can automatically limit the deliveries according to the customer’s address

  • You can create subareas which are defined by post codes (indicated by range, or patialy) and/or cities.
  • Each delivery subarea can have a distinct delivery price.
  • The fill of the city and zip code can be auto-completed with the data from your delivery subareas.

A quota system let manage the deliveries according to your abilities

  • The quotas let the system take into account the number of possible deliveries, per time slot based on delivery subareas.
  • The quotas can be changed at any time and the reservations already made reflect them.
  • Deliveries outside subareas may be forbidden or allowed with a specific quota.
  • The validation of the reservation is made automatically according to the Magento order status.

The time slots hours and available delivery dates are configurable

  • The seller can choose exactly when reservations begin (the current day, after some days, the next week) and when they stop.
  • You can create as many slots as you want and choose the day of the week for which they are available.
  • You can also add an additional delivery charge per time slot / subarea / order weight and price.
  • The seller can add or edit holidays or edit time slots at any time.

The seller can visualize the deliveries through a calendar by month or week

  • A panel list all deliveries of the day, with a summary of each command. You can filter the display by time slot, by subarea or order status.
  • Multiple shortcuts let you quickly view the order, the delivery or location of the customer.
  • Deliveries may be rescheduled, or validated by hand.

The module also controls the registration and other carriers

  • When registering the customer can see the subarea to which it belongs and if deliveries are allowed.
  • Registration for customers outside of delivery areas may be prohibited or request a manual account activation.
  • Messages displayed to the customer are customizable.
  • You can set the working hours of the day to take them into account in the delivery schedule.

Precise Fee slices management

  • You can set fee slices depending on order price and weight
  • For each fee slices you can set a table of fee depending on subareas days and time slots.
  • You can disable deliveries by setting price empty on fee slices.

*NEW V2* Convenient e-mail notification

  • The customer gets an email when its delivery is validated
  • An attached iCalendar object let customer easily add an appointment to customer calendar

*NEW V2* Advanced availability management

  • You can add unavailabilities on time slots or whole day on specific dates
  • With availabilities you can consider whole planning unavailable and specify the day and time slots to enable on specific dates.

*NEW V2* The seller can optimize deliveries trip

  • A map is displaying all deliveries of day with a color code for each time slot.
  • A roundtrip mode can optimize the deliveries order on a time slot for faster route.
  • With optimized or order roundtrip you can print each route turn by turn instructions.

Additional Information

Magento Compatibility


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12 months


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4 reviews for Delivery Module for Magento : myOwnDeliveries

  1. 5 out of 5


    Thank you very much for the support. I am so grateful !

  2. 4 out of 5


    We’ve tried our module on Magento 1.8 and it’s working well.

  3. 3 out of 5


    I greatly appreciate any and all of the help you have been able to provide for me.
    Great extension thus far otherwise.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Great Extension! Well worth the money. Does exactly what its says, interface is beautiful, installation amp; configuration is a snap. Top notch support… I had an issue with the server on my side and LaBulle was able to find and fix the problem within 24 hours (even though it wasn’t even an issue with their software). If your looking for an extension for doing deliveries or reservations, Look no further… This is It!

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