New extension Subscriptions

23 August

This new extension manages rental subscriptions : A customer has to purchase a product that is a subscription with a given length. Once the order is paid subscription starts with purchased length (multiple purchases can extend length) and new reservations for products included in the subscription can be added to cart for free.

How to synchronize reservations with

23 July

Depending on your type of establishment, this option may not be available. To import or export a calendar, you must have: A single accommodation (eg sell only one accommodation per type of accommodation) only one active rate category A calendar that displays 30 days at the same time. You can get this overview by going to the Extranet Pricing and Availability tab and then to Calendar Settings. This option is not available for all types of establishments: your calendar…

How to synchronize bookings with Expedia

20 June

To import or export a calendar, you must have an Expedia Quick Connect account that allows synchronization on the following platforms. To import or export your calendar 1. Log in to to get the property id as well as login and password for access to the API. 2. Enter this information in the module’s configuration tab after enabling Expedia synchronization. 3. Sign in to 4. To get the room IDs go to “Rooms, Rates and Policies” to get…

myCollectionPlaces update

05 June

This new update make the module a perfect companion for retail store chain. We deeply linked store switcher and favorite place feature when multi-shop is enabled in Prestashop. A new widget allow customer to fill his address with Google maps auto-completion to show a popup with nearest shop. When chosen, the customer his redirected to his favorite store shop. A new option allow favorite place and collection time to be selected from sliding cart block.