Front-office Your customer can select a delivery day and time slot from those you defined
Back-office The seller has a viewing deliveries through a calendar by month or week


Deliver your e-commerce at home

You want to offer a home delivery service to deliver your products. With this delivery module you can easily organize yourself to deliver your customers.


  • A Mobile App let's the deliverer navigate to nearest customer and text or call him

  • Easily track packages and change relevant order state using ou Qr code tag

  • Give more flexibility to your customers by offering a delivery schedule time slot

  • Suggest a delivery price based on price/weight ranges and delivery subarea

  • Delivery optimization by geographical zone based on address or area

  • Limiting registration and auto-complete address of the customer

  • Quotas limit the deliveries on time slot depending on delivery areas

  • Control the beginning, the period and shape of planning displayed to the customer

  • Easy re-scheduling of deliveries by the vendor or the customer

  • Optimizing the delivery route by sector or time slots

  • Email notifications for collection places with order details and iCal object

  • Holidays management or specific availabilities


Choose your version to get more details and ask for a demo
  • Version
    Carrier management
    Time Slots
    Subareas management
    Customer selection
    Carrier Fee
    Multi Shop (1)
    Deliverer Planning
    Route optimization
    Business hours
    Support & Updates (2)
  • Standard
    Platform Prestashop
    Carrier management One
    Time Slots Per Subarea
    Subareas management Post code / City / Radius
    Availabilities Per Subarea
    Customer selection none / Time slot
    Carrier Fee Per Subarea
    Multi Shop (1) YES
    Deliverer Planning NO
    Route optimization NO
    Business hours Global
    Support & Updates (2) 6 months
    Price 339.00€ exc. taxes
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  • Standard
    Platform Magento
    Carrier management One
    Time Slots Per subarea
    Subareas management Post code / City
    Availabilities Holidays period
    Customer selection Time slot
    Carrier Fee Per Subarea / Day / Time slot
    Multi Shop (1) YES
    Deliverer Planning NO
    Route optimization NO
    Business hours YES
    Support & Updates (2) 6 months
    Price 469.00€ exc. taxes
    More details
  • Professional
    Platform Prestashop
    Carrier management Several
    Time Slots Per Deliverer / Subarea
    Subareas management Post code/ City/ Street/ Radius
    Availabilities Per Deliverer / Subarea
    Customer selection 0, 1 or 2 Time Slots
    Carrier Fee Per Deliverer / Subarea
    Multi Shop (1) YES
    Deliverer Planning YES
    Route optimization YES
    Business hours NO
    Support & Updates (2) 12 months
    Price 599.00€ exc. taxes
    More details
(1) The license module is given a domain name and its subdomains.
(2) These deadlines apply from the date of order, for purchases made on only. (3 months on Prestashop Addons)


Here is what customer says about myOwnDeliveries

  • J’utilise actuellement votre module myOwnDeliveries 1.5.0 dans une boutique prestashop 1.4, il est super bon comme addons

  • Module works perfectly as described on this site. But what is more impressive is the support given by the developer. They respond quickly and help you with your problem. If there was a scale for rating I would give this developer 12 out of 10! Thank you

  • J’ai lancé ma boutique avec le système de livraison mardi… Aujourd’hui j’ai eu quelques commande et je ne peux dire que votre module est génial, l’option pour smartphone SUPER !! Bon un peu petit à cause de l’écran du smartphone, donc j’ai pris mon iPad connecté sur le réseau de mon téléphone… Et bien je n’ai qu’un mot à la bouche c’est GENIAL !!! Merci pour votre boulot, et dans l’attente de nouvelles mises à jour qui seront sans doute toute aussi impressionnantes.

  • Vous êtes au top ça fonctionne super ! Encore merci pour tout

  • Tout fonctionne parfaitement bien. Votre module est génial, vous avez vraiment fait du boulot extraordinaire!

  • Une fois de plus bravo pour ce module je ne manquerai pas de noter son efficacité sur prestashop

  • Super ça fonctionne ! merci bien, je crois que l’outil est au top pour nous encore merci