Polygon Subareas

08 August
ico map small

Our last version 4.3 of famous myOwnDeliveries module let now import KML file to work with polygonal zone. In cannot be edited inside the module but module will displays all polygons on a KML file when editing subarea.

Promotion New Containment

31 October

In order to help merchants who must close their shop for this new period of confinement, laBulle has decided to give a 10% discount and to offer installation on home delivery modules and in-store pick-up until November 30, 2020. Through these actions, we hope to accelerate and popularize the implementation of solutions to respect barrier gestures and allow your customers to continue to benefit from your products and services. To do this, indicate the reduction code “covid2020” when ordering (it…

How to generate my key for Google Maps

26 May

To display the geographic map a key is necessary for the use of the Google API Follow these steps to get a key: Go to the API Console – Google Cloud Platform. Identify yourself or create an account with Google. Select a project or create a new one if you wish. Click on ‘Activate APIs and Services’ at the top left and select the Maps Javascript API API. If you checked the address verification also check the Geocoding API If…

Can you adapt the module to my needs?

16 May

The module is intended to cover the most common use cases. However if you cannot find the functionality you need: contact us . We can guide you on a way of doing it if possible. If not, yes, we can study your needs to offer you a solution on estimate.