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Promotion New Containment

31 October

In order to help merchants who must close their shop for this new period of confinement, laBulle has decided to give a 10% discount and to offer installation on home delivery modules and in-store pick-up until November 30, 2020. Through these actions, we hope to accelerate and popularize the implementation of solutions to respect barrier gestures and allow your customers to continue to benefit from your products and services. To do this, indicate the reduction code “covid2020” when ordering (it…

Places procurement integrated into delivery trip

15 December

We have greatly improved integration of our two delivery modules. Now allow deliverers from myOwnDeliveries module to integrate procurement of places in the delivery trip. If the deliverer has a collection place inside one of the subareas he is assigned to, then he is able to deliverer all packages that will be collected. On the interface of the deliveryman the collection places to be supplied are added at the beginning of the roundtrip: The deliverer can even modify each collection…

myCollectionPlaces update

05 June

This new update make the module a perfect companion for retail store chain. We deeply linked store switcher and favorite place feature when multi-shop is enabled in Prestashop. A new widget allow customer to fill his address with Google maps auto-completion to show a popup with nearest shop. When chosen, the customer his redirected to his favorite store shop. A new option allow favorite place and collection time to be selected from sliding cart block.

Add a hook in CMS pages

10 September

Prestashop CMS pages are useful, but lack the possibility of adding modules to any of them, specifically. Let’s see how to enhance these pages and create custom hooks for them! Creating a custom hook for CMS pages Locate your cms.tpl inside the module’s folder, and open it up in any code editor. We first need to decide where to put our module, if before the cms content, or after it. Whichever position you choose , the important section of the…