Improve your customer’s location with myOwnDeliveries

06 March

Several tools are now integrated into the module to strengthen the verification of the client’s address. In the first place, the new Search by Address Availability widget allows the customer to locate himself directly: his address is then deduced from the GPS position obtained by the browser (requires an https connection). Then, the customer can complete or type his address directly that the module will automatically complete using Google Maps. When creating the customer account (if the registration verification is…

Places procurement integrated into delivery trip

15 December

We have greatly improved integration of our two delivery modules. Now allow deliverers from myOwnDeliveries module to integrate procurement of places in the delivery trip. If the deliverer has a collection place inside one of the subareas he is assigned to, then he is able to deliverer all packages that will be collected. On the interface of the deliveryman the collection places to be supplied are added at the beginning of the roundtrip: The deliverer can even modify each collection…

myOwnDeliveries update

30 October

The main feature of this update is a new widget on top page that dispays earlier time slot of delivery or current time slot selected by customer for his subarea. The customer subarea is now saved, if customer is not logged but uses home page widget to look for carrier or availabilities with his address or postcode. The time slot can be selected anywhere on the shop with a modal popup.

New extension Subscriptions

23 August

This new extension manages rental subscriptions : A customer has to purchase a product that is a subscription with a given length. Once the order is paid subscription starts with purchased length (multiple purchases can extend length) and new reservations for products included in the subscription can be added to cart for free.

How to synchronize reservations with

23 July

Depending on your type of establishment, this option may not be available. To import or export a calendar, you must have: A single accommodation (eg sell only one accommodation per type of accommodation) only one active rate category A calendar that displays 30 days at the same time. You can get this overview by going to the Extranet Pricing and Availability tab and then to Calendar Settings. This option is not available for all types of establishments: your calendar…