myOwnReservations 4.2 update

15 May

This new module version offers a lot of corrections and new features, here is main ones : – Deeper Prestashop integration with new admin menus for availabilities, resa preferences, price rules and stock. We also added a dashboard widget for incoming check in or check out. – New period selection by time slices (day is divided into slices of defined length in minutes, between a start and end time). – New synchronization feature by iCalendar feed (for, AirBnb, TripAdvisor,…

The carrier linked to the module still appear on unknown or disabled subareas.

16 April

The carrier is disabled but still present which prevents blocking the order process. You would like the transport not to appear when it is disabled. For this make sure that the option in the configuration of the module “Display an explanation message if the carrier is not available” is deactivated. You must also verify that the out of out of range behavior of the associated carrier is “disabled”.

myOwnReservations 4.1 update

04 November

This new module version offers a lot of corrections and new features, here is main ones : – Reservation and prices rules configuration is now clearer – New product page layout options with a mini and popup calendar. – Support for extensions (places, attendees, resources etc..) Here is an excerpt of other new features or this major version : Price settings Option to count combination price once (ignore length) New inset to display product prices sets legend New array of…

Mobile App for myOwnDeliveries

27 September
mobile-2-icon vert

Nous avons publié la mise à jour pour myOwnDeliveries avec la compatibilité PS 1.7 et une nouvelle fonctionnalité pour optimiser le travail du livreur et la relation avec les clients Deliveries are sorted according to the duration of their route, this order is refreshed according to the movements of the deliveryman A misspelled address can be corrected with suggestions All shipments of a slot are displayed on a map. It’s possible to display the delivery details (especially the order items)…

myCollectionPlaces 1.7 compatible

14 June

Our great module to collect on places is now compatible with Prestashop 1.7 The update is curently validated on Addons and is already available in your account. We also added a great feature to switch on store associated to places with a the map selector in popup with proximity from browser location