myOwnDeliveries for Magento 2

01 April

We’ve updated our well known extension for Magento to support v2 of the platform. By the way we added some features : Availabilities management iCalendar notification Roundtrip optimization

myOwnReservations is PS 1.7 compatible

15 February

We released a major version of the Addon, v4 that comes with PS 1.7 compatibility. We also added some admin tools : order creation with reservations, quick chekout features and availability edition. And some other enhancements on price rules see changelog for details.

SMS Service

10 January

Now you can directly activate the SMS service from your customer account to get first 5 SMS to check the feature.

Now SuperHero Support

12 November

Our quality of support and our modules is finally rewarded we passed to the status of SuperHero on Prestashop Addons. This was assessed on the following criteria: Our seniority: 7 years (real Prestashop veterans) Average customer rating for our products: 4/5 The quality of our support (reactivity and quality of response): more than 95%

Google Maps update

24 October

We’ve updated our transport modules that integrate Google Maps, because still some weeks all new websites that wheren’t using it, need now to set a Google API key. Don’t worry it’s still free, you just have to create a Google Dev console to generate a key : you’ll find all details in module documentation.