Extension Quotation DocuSign


Product Description

The extension allows you to generate a DocuSign Quote.

The signature of the quote via DocuSign is not contestable and allows to validate the reservations.

  • The extension allows you to quote a basket or a single product and its options
  • The estimate is interactive and allows a calculation of the total on the fly according to the selected combination and the quantities indicated
  • Specific prices according to quantity can be calculated
  • Customer details can be entered inside the quote
  • It is possible to indicate the period of validity of the estimate after its generation and before the reservation
  • A notification can be sent regularly to remind the customer to sign his quote
  • In addition to the signature field, an initial may be requested on all pages
  • The quote can be validated automatically or manually, a comment field allows you to discuss with the customer
  • Add to cart can be blocked based on total price or quantity so customer is forced to quote
  • A validated quote can force the validation of reservations to occupy the schedule
  • A signed quote can be transformed into an order automatically



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