Places Extension

For myOwnReservations


Product Description

The extension allows you to reserve products based on geographic locations

The extension provides the module with tailor-made features for reservations of places : Places management with lot of details, location and picture, availabilities. Place selection with associated planning.

  • Provides information about the place : name, sign, description, photo and contact details
  • The place can be geolocated on a map
  • It is possible to associate a user of the back office with a place to delegate to him the management of the reservations
  • With the PRO version each location can have stock items

Reservation of a place

  • The customer can choose a place for his booking
  • the quantities of the product may depend on the place
  • Scheduling a reservation may depend on location
  • The choice of the place can be made from the booking widget

Booking Management

  • The place can receive notification of reservations assigned to it
  • Reservations can be filtered by location
  • It is possible to assign to a reservation a stock item of the place for each quantity of the reservation



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