I do not understand how quotas works

02 May

Subareas Quota

Quota of a sector corresponds to the weight that represents the delivery. For example, if a delivery in the area A is twice as long or more so far as the sector B quota B should be twice that of A. ( If A then B = 5 = 10).
Occupation slots

Occupation of slots is defined from their quotas and quotas sectors or booked deliveries. For this it is necessary to set the maximum quota slot and the quota of each subarea. The quota of a sector should be well below the maximum quota of a time slot.
a slot is considered available when the sum of the quotas from subarea of each deliveries already booked is less than the maximum quota slot (including the quota sector delivery of the customer making the booking). (In our example, if the quota is 10 niche then there may be two deliveries in Area A and Area B in one )
You can consider the quota unit as you want : minutes , miles or other .