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23 July

Depending on your type of establishment, this option may not be available.

To import or export a calendar, you must have:

A single accommodation (eg sell only one accommodation per type of accommodation) only one active rate category
A calendar that displays 30 days at the same time. You can get this overview by going to the Extranet Pricing and Availability tab and then to Calendar Settings.
This option is not available for all types of establishments: your calendar must display 30 days at the same time. However, it is possible that it is not yet available in your area, but we are doing everything we can to offer it to all our partners as soon as possible.

To import your calendar

This feature is useful if you are working with other distribution channels and want to import and sync another calendar with Here’s how to do it:

1. In the global configuration of the module, make sure you have checked “Booking” in the synchronization options.

2. In the product file, Prestashop corresponding to the desired accommodation copy the url indicate at the bottom of the frame “synchronization”

3. Log in to your extranet and click Calendar (or a hosting name to access its calendar) and scroll down to Synchronize Calendars, located under the calendar.

4. Click the blue Import Calendar button. In the window that appears, paste the calendar URL of the external calendar that you use on other websites.

5. Enter the name of your choice under Your Calendar Name and click the blue Import Calendar button to save the changes.

6. Wait for the following message to appear: [Calendar Name] is now synchronized to your calendar. You can refresh this page and import other calendars.

7. If this message appears: This iCal URL is invalid. Try Again. It is possible that the link is not accessible or that the link of the calendar is incorrect.

8. Each calendar you upload has the Refresh and Delete options. By manually clicking Refresh, the imported calendar will be automatically synchronized. The Delete option removes the imported calendar and stops all synchronizations.

To export your calendar

This feature allows you to copy the status of your accommodations on to myOwnReservations. Here’s how to do it:

1. Log in to your extranet and open the Rates & Availability or Calendar tab (or on a host name to access its calendar).

2. Scroll down to the Synchronize Your Calendars drop-down menu below the calendar.

3. Click the blue Export Calendar button. In the window that appears, click Copy link and paste it into the “Booking” field of the product file by removing everything before the last digits.

4. Activate the CRON tasks of your Prestashop store so that booking reservations are checked regularly.

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