myOwnReservations 4.1 update

04 November

This new module version offers a lot of corrections and new features, here is main ones :
– Reservation and prices rules configuration is now clearer
– New product page layout options with a mini and popup calendar.
– Support for extensions (places, attendees, resources etc..)

Here is an excerpt of other new features or this major version :
Price settings

  • Option to count combination price once (ignore length)
  • New inset to display product prices sets legend
  • New array of price ratios global or per product
  • New price rule “History” (depending on total count of reservations made)

Time slots settings

  • Option to group time slots by day (instead of doing it when more than 3)
  • Option to allow selection time slot end after current day
  • Timeslots with week restrictions (odd, even, N°)
  • Can use quantity to multiply reservation length

Reservations administration

  • Reservation items edition on PRO version
  • Reservations can be assigned to employees
  • Grouped view of reservations by product on planning
  • Current availability edition from reservation window
  • View of whole family availabilities on planning view (if family filter used on PRO version)
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