Google Maps Mapping does not display

15 May

Since June 11, 2018 a key has become mandatory to use the services of Google Maps.
Do not panic the service should always be free because the service offered by volume is now with an equivalent amount of 200 €. However it is necessary to fill in the billing information.
Follow these steps to obtain an API key:

  • • Go to the Google Cloud Console .
  • • Create or select a project
  • • Activate the Javascript Maps API from the Library tab on the left
  • • Click Continue to enable the API and all related services.
  • • On the Credentials page, get a browser key (and set API credentials)

This problem occurs when the compression or caching JavaScript is enabled because these options are not compatible with Google Maps.
To solve the problem

specify the following options from the menu Advanced Settings >> Performance.

CCC (Concatenation, and Compression setting Cache)

  • “Smart Cache” for the JavaScript code : Keep conventional operation
  • Compression of JavaScript in the HTML Code: Keep conventional operation

This is a bug in Prestashop which considers many external scripts in http but not https.
You can fix it by changing the line 500 in classes / media.php:
if ($expr[0] == 'http')
if ($expr[0] == 'http' or $expr[0] == 'https')