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Product Description

NEW UPDATE track package using QR code on delivery slip

  • You can get package details by flashing QRcode printed on the delivery slip
  • It can be used to let deliverer or collection places change order statuses to follow their progress
  • The new update also offer a store switcher for multishop associated to places

Let your customers choose their nearest collection places and collection time slot

  • Places that are localized and sorted by their distances form the customer address.
  • Prestashop collection places are precisely located onto a map with their description and contact information.
  • It is possible to propose a filtering of places by their postal codes.
  • After the selection of the place the customer chooses a time slot on a planning.
  • The delivery date and time slot chosen by customer are then confirmed by email, with an iCalendar object and visible in order details
  • Widgets homepage or columns allows the customer to view the place list.

An admin panel list all collections by month week or day

  • The place and time slot of collection are visible in the order details on the back office.
  • A notification email can inform the prestashop collection places of collections that are affected to them.
  • The seller can visualize the occupation of its time slots through a calendar by month or week.
  • You can filter the display by time slot, by subarea or order status. Multiple shortcuts let you quickly view the order, the delivery or location of the customer.
  • Collections may be rescheduled, or validated by hand.

Optimize the supply of collection places 

  • The delivery address for the order is updated, with the address of the chosen collection place.
  • The step of selecting the delivery address on the order tunnel can be skipped.
  • Collections are validated automatically, depending on the order status of the order.
  • A quota mechanism let you limit collection places depending on reservation already made by customers.
  • You can also limit the amount of available collections by time slot.
  • An option let disable one or more carriers, when collection places are available.

Allows the customer to know where and when he can recover his order 

  • Indicate the name and address of the place and specifically choose their locations on a map. You can fill useful information for the client with a rich description, contact information and a picture.
  • You can define time slots for each place you create.
  • Indicate holidays of your collection places to prohibit the reservation during theses periods.
  • You can restrict the places according to the company or group of customers, or product category.
  • The schedule proposed to the customer can be viewed by day, week, two weeks or month.
  • Messages showed to the customers are configurable and also the label ‘collection places’.

Additional Information

Support & Updates

12 months

Prestashop Compatibility

1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7


English, French, Spanish



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