Prestashop 1.5

29 July

Our delivery modules are now compatible with version 1.5 of Prestashop. Changes were made ​​to support my summers frontend changes. In passing the javascript has been optimized.

Price slices on Magento

14 July

The new version 1.3 of myOwnDeliveries for Magento can set shipping rates for several price bands or weights. For each you can set the rates per day, per time slot, per sector, for holidays and for bookings outside business hours..

Per week or per month reservations

12 April

The new version of the module provides two new units of time: a week per month. Management planning and selection of the customer are now distinct, customers can now directly select a week or a month on a calendar by month, quarter or year.

Delivery address geolocation

13 February

The new myOwnDeliveries version 1.7 allows you to define your geographical area with a radius of delivery. The client address is geocoded with Google Maps to calculate the delivery distance.