Resources Extension



Product Description

The extension for myOwnReservations allows reservations to be done through products on resources.

Resource can be associated to the reservation by customer or admin. The planning can mix resources time slots and availabilities.

  • Provides information about each resource : name, kind, alias, description, photo and contact detail
  • For each resource you can set daily availabilities with a nice time slots editor
  • It is possible to associate a user of the back office with a place to delegate to him the management of the reservations

Reservation of a resource

  • The customer can choose a resource for his booking
  • the quantities of the product may depend on the resources availables
  • Scheduling a reservation may depend on resource time slots

Booking Management

  • The resource can receive notification of reservations assigned to it
  • Reservations can be filtered by resource
  • It is possible to assign to a reservation a resource


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