Front-office Customer can only select a booking period for which product is available
Back-office Reservations products are automatically organized to find the best availability


Rent your products easily

With the myOwnReservations module you can easily rent products regardless of their type.
The module is compatible with the sale of products and is fully integrated with the e-commerce platform.


  • Synchronise bookings with major platforms as AirBnb, Booking, TripAdvisor, Expedia etc..

  • Search availabilities by products or Category

  • Notifications emails with order details and iCal object

  • Manually creating and drag & drop reservations reschedule

  • Shortcut control process with several reminders periods

  • Deposit and advance management or all Payment Methods

  • Management or specific availability of your products

  • Controlling duration of the booking and time to charge

  • Managing smart rates depending on the duration, season etc ..

  • Fine time tunning per slot, per day, week or month

  • Automatic organization reservations based on the amount of product

  • Customer puts his booking into the Basket from the planning of the product

  • Easy re-scheduling of reservations by the vendor

  • Control the beginning, the period and shape of planning displayed to the customer


Here is some of the use cases the module has been made for










Rental, Leasing, Loan, Lending, Borrow, Skis, Hi-fi, Car rental, Party equipment, Bikes, Scooter, Boat, Simulator, Tools, Event furnitures...
  • Reservations rules can apply to a huge existing catalog without any changes on products.
  • You can offer discount depending on reservation length or total amount of reservations. Cart or catalog rules for discounts are applied over reservations.
  • A deposit can be specified depending on products with a fixed value or product percent. And it can be invoiced or just displayed.


Here is what customer says about myOwnReservations

  • SEASON RENTAL : Espace Montagne

    PRO version
    Attendees Extension
    Prestashop 1.6

    Rental products are mountain materials among other materials for sale. The module allowing the description of the size / age / weight according to the products and for each person.
    A fare table filled for each product in the place to indicate the price according to the duration.
    Localisation France (Savoie)
    Realized in 2016 by agency Nooveo
    © Altitude Sport
    David GANA (Intégrator)

    " Our customers are already used to this module and have taken it in hand. They are very satisfied with the module. Personally, I appreciated our collaboration to solve our specific problems. You could bring a solution every time. Congratulations for your work. "

  • LONG TERM RENTAL : Canaria Casa

    Version PRO
    Prestashop 1.6

    The products are houses and apartments for rent. The reservation is made by month from the 1st to the last day of the month.
    The reservation is paid in full: no deposit or deposit
    Localisation Espagne (Canaries)
    Réalisé en 2016
    © MobilityGuard AB

    " Once again, thank you so much for your excellent support. Now I'm happy... It works according your instructions both for cars and for apartments. "

  • SERVICES : Ask Nestor

    Standard version
    Places extension
    Prestashop 1.6

    The products are varied services for home and everyday life that are offered in several places at different time slots.
      The occupation of the products on the premises is therefore shared between the resources available on the site. The number of slots occupied depends on the duration of the product.
    Localisation Belgique (Bruxelles)
    Realized in 2017
    © Savviva Lifestyle Management sprl
    David STEGMANN (Owner)

    " Excellent ability to configure the module for different situations (car wash or yoga classes or room reservations ....) Excellent service for customization of features Quite complex to configure, in any case we are very happy, we prefer to have a module that is flexible with good support. "

  • SEASON RENTAL : Marmotte Sports

    Standard version
    Prestashop 1.6

    The products are Snow Skis equipments adapted to all the sizes in rent for maximum 1 week, some of the products of the shop are on sale.
    The reservation is paid with a deposit of 20%, the rest is settled on the spot.
    Localisation France (Hautes-Pyrénées)
    Realized in 2015 by agency Café Solo
    © Marmotte Sports
    Pascal Barde (Integrator)

    " A very complete module, which anticipated the cases specific to each occupation based on rental, with regular days that often outweigh the needs. And support side, a team of developers hyper competent and hyper reactive! "

  • SPORTS ACTIVITY : Intrepides Jura

    PRO version
    Attendees Extesnion
    Prestashop 1.6

    The products are sports activities on one or more slots and the rental of equipment over one or more days. The price rules allow you to charge extra for the most requested slots.
    For some products the module manages the number of people and asks for information for each of them
    Localisation France (Jura)
    Realized in 2014 by agency Kidacom
    © Intrépides EURL
    Claire AUBEUT-GERVAISE (Integrator)

    " After some research and comparisons, the module seemed the most complete and we are very satisfied. We had very specific requests in addition, and this module has responded with its many features and settings options. "Rent online" is not limited to a simple calendar on a product page and that laBulle understood it! The team is responsive, always attentive to specific requests and needs ... It also offers real support! "

  • PROGRAM TOURS : La Route Des Gourmets

    Standard version
    Prestashop 1.5

    The products are tasting sessions with bookings made by the day at a specific time. The number of people is indicated with the quantity of product and can not overbook sessions with a limited number of places.
    The reservation is paid in full: no deposit or deposit
    Localisation France (Val-d’Oise)
    Realized in 2015
    © La Route des Gourmets, SARL
    Carole METAYER (CEO)

    " My activity is to propose guided tours by city or region. Ex: visit Montmarte for 3 hours, every Monday at 9am. I had a hard time understanding the module now it works it's top "

  • ACTIVITY BOOKING : Hello Paris

    Version PRO
    Prestashop 1.5

    The products are varied tourism activities: bus tours, tours, shows, with a fixed duration on the day.
    Some are offered with several slots per day and several times a week, others for days of the week and finally some at very specific dates.
    The activity fee is displayed but the booking is free.
    Localisation United Kingdom (Hants)
    Realized in 2014
    © Hello Paris Ltd
    Sébastien COCHERY

    " After 4 years of life, the site "Hello Paris" has just undergone a complete overhaul. This site is more ergonomic and adapts to all the supports because it is responsive. The module was still a great help. thank you very much "

  • EQUIPMENT RENTAL : Des Clics Photos

    PRO version
    Prestashop 1.6

    The products are rental cameras supplied with some consumables and delivered by post. Reservations are made by the day but with a minimum duration of 4 days, the module allows here to display the minimum price instead of the unit price per day.
    The reservation is paid in full but a deposit is required for some products.
    Localisation France (Bouches-du-Rhône)
    Réalisé en 2013
    Lise SCHERER (Fondatrice)

    " We were able to adapt the basic solution to our business needs, such as the management of the notion of rental period, or the fact of asking a deposit for any rental order. The support is always very effective. "

  • FURNISHED RENTAL : Gîtes du Pic Sait Loup

    Standard version
    Prestashop 1.5

    The products are self catering for which bookings are made weekly for (had two stages: week arrival / week of departure) the full house without management of the amount of beds but with a cleaning option.
    The reservation is paid in full: no deposit or deposit
    Localisation France (Hérault)
    Réalized in 2014 by agency Newweb Design
    © Le Lamalou
    Nicolas SERRA (Integrator Newweb Design)

    " The price rules are based on a system of low, medium, high season ... on given dates. The team was a great help in setting the rates. "


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  • Version
    Reservation rules
    Product occupation
    Data exchange
    Reservations synchronization
    Multishop (1)
    External reservation
    Admin delegation
    Stock management
    Support & Updates (2)
  • Standard
    Platform Prestashop
    Reservation rules Global
    Product occupation Product/Combinations
    Data exchange Export CSV
    Reservations synchronization iCalendar Feed, AirBnb, TripAdvisor, Abritel
    Multishop (1) YES
    External reservation NO
    Admin delegation NO
    Stock management NO
    Support & Updates (2) 6 months
    Price 419.00€ exc. taxes
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  • Professional
    Platform Prestashop
    Reservation rules Per product
    Product occupation Product/Combinations/Shared
    Data exchange Export/import CSV
    Reservations synchronization iCal Feed, Web Services, EQC API
    + Expedia,, HomeAway, Trivago
    Multishop YES
    External reservation YES
    Admin delegation YES
    Stock management YES
    Support & Updates (2) 12 months
    Price 599.00€ exc. taxes
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(2) These deadlines apply from the date of order, for purchases made on only. (3 months on Prestashop Addons)