Gift Card Extension


Product Description

The extension allow to generate a gift card to book a product.

You can set a category of products for gift card products and select for each one the corresponding product for reservation. Once the order is paid gift card is generated and sent by email. Any customer can use the gift card to make a booking on corresponding product.

  • You can choose for witch reservable product gift card is for.
  • Gift card is only generated for a paid order. It will be sent by email when valid status is set to order.
  • Any registered customer can use the code to book the relevant product or scan QR code on gift card.
  • All generated gift card and their statuses are visible from customer account.
  • Bookers with a gift card don’t follow full order process. There is only a popup to confirm the booking.
  • If gift card is not usable a quick form allow to send an email to seller.



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