Hotel Extension

For myOwnReservations


Product Description

The extension brings to the module custom features for hotel bookings

Guests management with tourism tax option, period selection on night planning, rental agreement PDF generation.

    Night mode

    • Allow to bill nights instead of days
    • The schedule has nights over two days
    • The labels of the unit of time and duration are displayed in nights
    • Check in time is earlier than check out time

    Guests management

    • The quantity is replaced by the number of guests
    • Several types of people can be configured (adult children etc)
    • Rental price can be for the product or by guests

    Tourist tax

    • A tax can be added depending on the number of nights and the number of people
    • It is possible to choose the types of people for whom the tax applies to ignore children for example
    • The tax detail is displayed in the cart summary, invoice and order history
    • The daily amount of the tax is configurable

    Rental Agreement

    • A customizable contract in PDF format is generated automatically with the information on the customer, the seller the products
    • The contract is sent by email to the client and can also be downloaded from the customer account
    • The contract can include the details of the booking rates as on the invoice and generates sections depending on the payment options down payment, deposit, tourist tax

    The extension will soon allow the online signing of the contract and the management of services


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